The Comdata Card

Consolidate your important business transactions on a single easy-to-manage card

Comdata Card

Comdata offers a whole new way to think about managing corporate purchases, fuel expenses, payroll, and more. The Comdata Card consolidates all these key business transactions on a single card and single data point.

Customize the Comdata Card for your business

Combine the capabilities you need to create a powerful and convenient solution that responds to your business requirements.

Comdata Card + Corporate Spending

Unprecedented control over all your business purchases
Precise control over all business purchases made by your employees - for fuel and fleet, travel and entertainment, and general business purchases.

  • Customize spending controls
  • Ensure that all employee purchases meet your business rules
  • Track expenses in real time
  • Leverage acceptance at millions of MasterCard locations worldwide
  • Utilize virtual and ghost card capabilities

Comdata Card + Prepaid Card Solutions

Eliminate the cost and complexity of issuing paper checks
The Comdata Card is ideal for employee payroll distribution, incentives and rewards or travel and special events.

  • Easy to setup, easy to manage
  • Flexible programs customized to your needs
  • Ideal for payroll, reimbursements, termination pay, bonuses, per diems and more
  • Safer and more convenient than paper check disbursements

See the benefits grow as you use the Comdata Card to do more

The true power of the Comdata Card is its ability to handle multiple business functions.

  • Real-time proactive control over spending
  • Detailed information instantly available for more intelligent business decisions
  • Enhanced security
  • Greater convenience for you and your employees